Charlie was 21-years-old when he was initiated into the IUOE on October 4, 1957. One of his first jobs was working for Peter Kiewitt on Cut “F.” In 1973, Charlie operated a front-end loader as part of the crew that helped construct NY 481 from North Syracuse toward Oswego. At the time, he was getting paid $7.35 per hour, a “B” rate.  

Charlie accepted a position on the Executive Board as Trustee on July 15, 1987. Even though he retired on January 6, 1988, Charlie served on the Executive Board until May 2001.  

Charlie is still active in the union. He has volunteered his time and resources to help out at the annual charity golf tournament and with the Upstate NY Engineers Benefit Funds.

Charlie is an avid supporter of all things union-related. An essential piece of advice Charlie likes to give is to try to buy American-made.  

Charlie appreciates all the years of camaraderie and kinship he acquired over the past 65 years of being a member of the IUOE. If you go anywhere in the country and see an IUOE insignia, you know that you have a friend and brother or sister, no questions asked. Charlie views the union as a family, united in the common cause of giving contractors a good day’s work for a fair day’s pay. 

Charlie’s advice to new brothers and sisters: If you maintain a positive attitude toward one another and your Local and attend the meetings, you’ll do just fine, whatever your role may be.