Founded in 2011 following a merger of three separate local unions, Local 158 currently represents more than 4,000 heavy equipment operators, mechanics, and stationary engineers in New York State’s public and private sectors. Our three districts represent the territories of each of the original local unions – Local 106, Local 545, and Local 832 – and each office is fully staffed to service the needs of our members. We are now one local union, but maintaining these district boundaries preserves the pride and allegiance which is so important to long-time members and retirees.

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5612 Business Ave.
Cicero, NY 13039


Office hours:
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM


27 Hannay Ln.
Glenmont, NY 12077


Office hours:
7:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Contact Us

Michael P. Lyons

Business Manager

Tracy Connolly

General Counsel

Michelle McCarron

Office Manager

District 106

Robert Aikens
District Manager

District 106
Business Agents

Christopher Manus

William Walsh

Thomas Benton

Administrative Assistant

Malarie McGinnis

District 545

Theron Hogle
District Manager

District 545
Business Agents

Thomas Halstead

Karl Button

Donald Smith

Administrative Assistant

Training Fund Office

District 832

Grant Malone
District Manager

District 832
Business Agents

John Tarasuk

Thomas Schweizer

Andrew Springer

Jonathan Lanse

Administrative Assistant

Colleen Sheffield

Executive Board* and Officers

Michael P. Lyons Business Manager*
Thomas Schweizer President*
John Tarasuk Vice President*
Theron Hogle Recording-Corresponding Secretary
Robert Aikens Financial Secretary*
Karl Button Treasurer*
Christopher Manus District 106 Representative*
William Gray District 106 Representative*
Thomas Halstead District 545 Representative*
Donald Smith District 545 Representative*
Jonathan Lanse District 832 Representative*
Grant Malone District 832 Representative*
Brian Biche Guard
Jude Dougherty Conductor
Bill Gray Trustee
Thomas Davis Trustee
Kenneth Keirn Trustee
Raymond May Auditor
Sarah Fergerson Auditor
Andrew Springer Auditor

Health & Welfare
Apprenticeship & Training